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22 Sep 2009

Clinical Governance

I presented Storytelling and what I have been doing in the Hospital to the Clinical Governance group today. I told Arthur Ransom's story Baba Yaga from Old Peters Russian Tails. It was quite a relaxed hour with other professionals discussing the effect of Storytelling on patients with complex emotional needs.
We discussed what storytelling is: A beginning, a middle an end. A sequence of events. They are about characters. They organise chaos, but they are more than that, they are a way of conveying emotions. This was discussed and it was thought that being able to talk about emotions in a safe and impersonal way is of value in a forensic mental health hospital.
In applied storytelling in contrast to performance storytelling it is not about the teller or a competent performance so much. It is the story and the emotional content that is the most important.
When asked if I would be interested in telling stories on various other wards my response was positive.
It would be an exiting and interesting challenge to tell stories to patient who may be experiencing quite a different set of difficulties to those I am telling stories to at the moment.
I hope those who listened this afternoon enjoyed the hour and hope too that they will leave some feed back.
My next task is to write an article for 'Quality Network For Forensic Mental Health Services'
Not to mention the performance storytelling I will be doing in October for Halloween.

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