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Thank you for looking at my blog.
Stories can please, thrill, delight, enchant, challenge, distract, tease, disappoint, anger, charm, patronize, disgust, beguile......
But I personaly believe thay can do no harm.
I would be delighted if you were to leave feed back.

2 Sep 2009


Hello, thank you for looking at my Blog. I tell stories in various places and to various audiences. The main place is in a medium secure psychiatric hospital for adults. Both on a female ward and a male ward. I have told stories in a bookshop, at festivals and soon will be telling in a museum for Halloween. I would like to take storytelling to as many psychiatric hospitals as possible, both secure, medium and low secure, rehabilitation, community settings. I have been nursing in Mental Health for over 15 years, and believe that storytelling is an excellent form of communicating emotions in a safe and fun way.

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