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12 Feb 2010

Hospital Clubs

There was a good attendance on Awen Ward storytelling club. We continue to tell the Norse Mythology. We covered one of my favorite stories, how the Gods got there gifts, Loci up to no good again. We did a new exercises, with a ball of variegated wool we built rainbow bridges to reflect Bi frost and made a web by throwing the ball between us in a circle. I was given the idea by Dr. Sue Jennings with whom I have started having supervision/mentoring sessions with on a monthly basis, looking specifically at my work with storytelling in a forensic mental health setting. It worked well and seemed to be enjoyed by the rest of the group.

On the next ward there were three participants. All of them engaged really well with the 'King of Ireland's Son'. The main stumbling block was imagining what an Enchanter is and what he might look like. This provided quite an interlude in the flow of the story but it was all very relevant and thought provoking for me. Due to that conversation and discussion I have gained a better image of what the Enchanter of the Black Back Lands might look like. Thanks to the patients for the questions and discussion.
One of the patients at the end asked if he could tell me a story, which I encouraged. What he told me was not a story as such but more what his psychotic experiences were. No harm done by listening. He told me he had never told anybody about it before, but I wounder if that was the 'story' part. I know he is surrounded by people who are good listeners.

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