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25 May 2010


Thank goodness, the above title did not transform it's self into a foreign, though storytelling looking text!
I went to Aderyn which is a rehabilitation centre for forensic psychiatric patients.
I started with 'The King & The Corps' Which is a long, long, long, long, long, long delightful, enchanting, seductive, dark but light, I-want-to-tell-more-but-can't-in-one-sitting, kind of story.
There was only two patients there but both of them were completely present in the story and talked and discussed the dilemmas at the end of the stories. Passive observers of the stories they were not. When I said the monk came to the King every day for ten years one of the listeners spontaneously told me how many days that would be. Good, I'm glad I was told but I did not retain that information, nor is my arithmetic that good. You do the sums, how many days are there in 10 years? Remember the leap years!!
Anyway. I enjoyed telling and sharing storytelling time.
They asked me back, in fact for next week!
We'll see.

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  1. Hi Jess - good to know that you enjoyed last night and what an interesting site! See you again soon I hope - Jo Bell