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19 Oct 2009

Water Wheel

I met Fi at the Dean Heritage Museum today. Before Fi arrived I stood and listened to the rhythm of the water wheel turning, splashing, turning , splashing, splash, splash, turning, splash, splash, splashing.
I began to visualise the characters and their sad and ghostly plight. I walked through the foresters cottage, past the cider press and the water wheel again. Through the small vegetable garden, past the chicken coop. Placing the characters there in their earthly and ghostly state walking the story, so to speak. It felt a bit creepy after a while, which was good I thought.
I was able to talk to Fi about the story and clarify a few things that I was struggling to visualise. It was quite interesting because Fi paraphrased a lot of the story she had written which helps me a lot to free myself from the written text.
I think I now have a fair idea where I will stand to start the story and where I will lead the listeners to finish the story.
I now have two days to work on the story before telling it at the Stroud Storytelling Club.
For now until next time.

1 comment:

  1. love hearing about the process!
    I'm currently having stumbling blocks with a retelling of a Decameron revenge is a dish of your dead lover's heart story which keeps coming out overtold, whilst simultaneously changing my mind about exactly which bits of which variants I'm using in my telling of a folk tale known variously as The Clever Lass, The Prince who married a farmer's daughter and more...
    I get sulky and stop trying when nothing seems to be coming together!