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23 Oct 2009

More Wheels

The Water Wheel is changing, turning, slowly into my story. I told it again last night to a small group of fellow storytellers. During the day I had been to the Dean Heritage Centre and walked and talked it through again. Thinking about the bits that don't work so well for me and trying different ways of telling it, changing bits to make it more clear to me.
Today, I have just returned home from the Dean Heritage Centre after spending a couple of hours there spinning with my wheel, and visualizing the story in my minds eye. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Foresters Cottage. I felt a little out of place sitting there spinning, dressed in my jeans and jumper, as the public drifted by, through the cottage so carefully arranged in an historical fashion.
Next stage, picking out the contrasting moods of the story and clarifying the polarities for myself.
Large piece of paper here I come.
But I must not forget that I have the Hospital Storytelling clubs to prepare for too this week. I think I will be able to use the Water Wheel for one of the wards, but need to focus on the Norse mythology too for the women.
So long till next time.

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