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29 Oct 2009

Hospital Storytelling Clubs

The last Thursday of the month, means that I do the hospital storytelling clubs. As usual I started on the Women's ward. Due to several patients being ill in bed with possible 'swine flu' there was only two patient attended the group. I continued to tell the Norse Mythology. The Golden Apples of Iduna. Also Odins Sacrifice for Wisdom. Because of the small group it was difficult to do group exercises, it seemed like the critical mass was missing. I was a lot more informal than usual but the two that were there were very good listeners.
After the group I was able to tell a story to two patients on an individual basis in the bedrooms where they were being nursed, these were more of a light heated 'Halloween' type stories.
Then it was over to the male ward. There the biggest group yet attended. Seven in total. I told 'The Boy Who Went to Discover What Fear Was' Quite a lot of spontaneous feed back from the group. Finishing off the group with light hearted Halloween nonsense

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