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1 Nov 2009


The weather was warm for October, and wind still. That meant that I could tell the story at the Dean Heritage Museum out side and take the listeners for a little promenade too. A big bonus was that two of my spinning friend turned up, so all three of us sat there spinning for a while before the story started. (Look further down the blog for photos)
I still find it a difficult jump to go from spinning to telling, and to continue spinning whilst telling. I wonder if I gesticulate more than necessary? Maybe practicing spinning whilst telling will help me rely less on gesticulation and focus more on the words I choose. That's just a wandering thought.
I enjoyed the setting. Starting the story in one place, then going for a little walk, past the mill, the cider press, the cottage garden and the Foresters cottage, and bringing the story to its conclusion in a different place worked well.

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