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20 Apr 2010

Horatio in Prague

I have just returned from the 2nd international psychiatric nurses congress which was held in the beautiful city of Prague. Despite the volcano Eyjafjallojokull shrugging her shoulders and causing travel chaos, I did return only 24 hours later that expected, but that is an other story of adventure and a happy ending!

Horatio is an association which started as a network for psychiatric/mental health nurses in 2005. It was officially established as an association in April 2006. It has two aims:
  • To advocate for the interest of the members by providing in-put into the decision making process on issues relevant to psychiatric/mental health nursing in Europe
  • Aims to promote the development of psychiatric/mental health nursing practice, education, management and research.

I presented a workshop there on storytelling and the possible applications it can have in a mental health setting. 22 people attended the workshop. I explained a bit about who I am. I explained what I mean by storytelling, the work I have done at Llanarth Court Hospital in the past two years and what results I have experienced on the wards and patient feed back. I also had a bit of time to tell a short story. The hour I had seemed very short. There were lots of relevant questions from the participants. The immediate feed back was positive. I would have liked to have done more activities with the group and enabled them to experience more of the fun of a storytelling club, but there just was not enough time.

I hope I have planted a seed for some of my nursing colleagues. If you are one of the people that took part in the workshop and you liked what you heard, tell others. If you liked the story I told, its not mine to keep so tell it to your patients and pass it on. That is what storytelling is about. Please leave feed back too if you attended the workshop. Thank you.

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